Given the low mortality of Ómicron, Spain wants to start treating the coronavirus like a flu

The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, said on Monday that given the decline in mortality from coronavirus, European authorities should consider the possibility of abandoning the exhaustive monitoring of the pandemic to move to a monitoring system as if it were the flu.

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This change, if materialized, would mean treating Covid-19 as a “endemic disease” instead of a pandemic, Sánchez told radio TO BE.

Pedro Sánchez said that the drop in the death toll should rethink the strategy against the pandemic

According to the Spanish president, the number of deaths in proportion to the number of registered cases fell drastically since the start of the pandemic. And he stated: “The fatality is not what we had in the first wave, when it was 13%, and today is 1%”.

“I believe that we have the conditions so that with caution, little by little, the debate is opened at a technical level, at the level of health professionals, but also at a European level. Let’s begin to evaluate the evolution of this disease with different parameters than what we have done so far, ” he said.

The Spanish president, Pedro Sanchez (Photo: REUTERS / Javier Barbancho)
The Spanish president, Pedro Sanchez (Photo: REUTERS / Javier Barbancho)For: REUTERS

The president confirmed a newspaper report The country, the best-selling in Spain, on a new pandemic supervision mechanism being prepared by the Spanish health authorities.

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This new approach contemplates that not all new cases would have to be reported. In addition, people with symptoms would continue to receive treatment but would not necessarily undergo diagnostic tests.

The future of the pandemic
The future of the pandemic

How would the new European approach to the pandemic be proposed by the Spanish government

According to epidemiology officials cited by the newspaper, the plan foresees that a network of professionals and health centers report, in a survey system similar to the one used throughout Europe to monitor flu cases, the evolution of Covid-19 outbreaks. . This strategy receives the technical name of “sentinel surveillance”, as opposed to the current method of “universal surveillance

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has already discussed the proposal with some of his colleagues from the European Union, according to Sánchez, although without going into details.

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Despite a successful vaccination campaign, Spain today faces an unprecedented rise in coronavirus infections. In this framework, some eight million primary and secondary school students resumed classes on Monday after a long Christmas break.

Authorities shortened isolation periods and eased quarantine requirements that affect entire classes when outbreaks occur in schools to reduce disruptions to centers.

Health notified this Monday 292,394 new infections detected since the last report, issued last Friday. The total number of registered cases exceeds seven million since the pandemic began (7,457,300). In addition, they are counted 202 deaths, bringing the count to 90,136 official deaths.

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