Gizele Oliveira teaches you how you can improve what is already good


She was born in the Old city, and the angels of Victoria’s Secret about two years ago, the model Gizele Oliveira he decided to improve what is already good. You cut red meat and chicken from his diet as a way to it in a “pescetariana”. Huh? “Just like fish and shellfish,” he says. The result, as well as the blemish disembodied? “On the other side of the outside of my skin, my hair done and my nails were the best. My friends joke that I get older,” says Gizele, from the top of its 26 years. “I was sick.” The model States that in order to meat, there is only a “political act”. “Many trees were cut down to make space to pastarem for the cows”, denounced it.

HERE 31, 2019 released on July, Issue # 2645