GLAMOR – Kourtney Kardashian’s intimate candies

This time it’s hard, very hard. Even if you put all your attention into it, the latest entrepreneurial stunt born from the imagination of the Kardashian clan is honestly complicated to explain.

The protagonist, to begin with, is Kourtney, born in 1979, sister of Kim, Rob and Khloé, as well as half-sister of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Apart from the usual reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, a springboard for stellar careers for most of the little sisters, Kourtney remains one of the least known, if not for some flirting that ended up on the gossip pages. On an entrepreneurial level, not to be outdone by the sisters who grind dollars with every breath, Kourtney has tried it by signing a collection of children’s clothing and a line of skin care products, while in 2012 she became the testimonial of the dietary supplement “Quick Trim”, some time later ended up at the center of a class-action lawsuit for false and deceptive marketing with billion-dollar compensation claims.

But Kourtney, like a good Kardashian, didn’t give up, on the contrary. A few weeks ago, on her Instagram profile, she announced the birth of “Lemme Purr”, a line of gummy candies created specifically for “vaginal health”. For the launch of the gummies, Kourtney played with the chisel: in order not to name that part of the body explicitly, she preferred to be filmed in a video surrounded by some cats, a reference to the term “pussy”, which in English indicates well other. Except then accompany everything with a scientific explanation: “Vaginal health is a fundamental part of a woman’s well-being that can never be talked about enough. Give your vagina the treatment it deserves and turn it into a precious sweet”.

A combination of pineapple juice and vitamin C combined with SNZ 1969 probiotics designed to act on pH levels to ensure sensations of freshness and above all a pleasant taste would be good for that stuff that-you-can’t-pronounce . The packs, which contain 60 Lemme Purr lozenges cost $30 and are enough for two months of treatment.

But as was inevitable, the launch of the vaginal sweets aroused protests, ironies, comments and disgust almost everywhere. From those who simply accuse Kourtney of having launched an unnecessary product that only increases women’s insecurities, to the compact category of gynecologists, who remember how much the combination of bacterial flora and hormonal cycles is one of the most effective indicators of health, and altering it could have unpleasant consequences.

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