Glenn Hughes recalls how Deep Purple’s “Burn” was born overnight and the first thing they thought of when they heard David Coverdale (Whitesnake) Thing: “It’s a lifesaver”

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February 15, 1974 is a pivotal date in rock history as it saw the birth of this fabulous album burnthe eighth release deep purple they met for the first time David Coverdale (White Snakes) and Glenn Hughes Within the framework of epic formations.In this sense, his own Hughesrecalling how the topic of the same name arose “burn” One night, the first thing they think of when they hear Coverdale,they think”Lifeguard“.

during an interview “Classic Rock Podcast”, Hughes Think back to the first moment when they heard david coverdale. Here are his impressions:”We listened to about 300 or 400 tapes, and none of them were great. And his…we all heard the tone. That beautiful, deep blues tone we heard on the early Whitesnake. This was a bit of a lifesaver for us.“.

Question about how “burn” an evening after the guitarist Rich Blackmore Notice how much he loves the word, that’s what he says Hughes:”It’s that easy. We were in a bar, we came up with seven songs, and Rich thought we were missing the last piece of the puzzle and suggested writing a song called “Burn.” That night, after the bar closed, we went down to the basement and wrote the song.really great“.

Needless to say, they ended up liking the same word so much that it ended up being named after an album in which a wonderful tandem between them Hughes and Coverdale And it will be thoroughly recorded in rock history.

Recently, there were rumors that the two met. Coverdale and Hughes Celebrating album anniversary, but seems complicated by health of first album “You still have a problem with your sinusitis”.

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