Globe Rumor #13 – NSYNC may be getting back together while the welfare state may fall apart and Michelin will be back to perform.

Here are three news stories you (may have) missed this week.
It is clear that everything is in the musical field.
Let’s start!

#1 NSYNC Might Be Coming Back

In a time when nostalgia is more successful than novelty, it’s no surprise that the great bands of the past, after years of rejections and “We’ll see,” decide to get back together and perform in front of audiences again.
This time, it is those who can take the big step, perhaps not in the way everyone expects. NSINK who were finally able to return to their original composition with Justin Timberlake among the rows.
We know that the entire group will appear in one way or another in the film, which will be released soon.”Trolls unite“, in which Timberlake voices one of the main characters.

This led fans of the boy band to think that the film might feature an unreleased song from the band, but no one has confirmed this.
Will it be just one song or several?

Will NSYNC return to performing in public, their last performance being in 2013, or will only their animated versions do so?

#2 Pause for reflection or a final farewell to the welfare state?

He died in June of this year Matteo Romagnoli manager and co-creator of the group Lo Stato Sociale.
If the loss of a man affected the entire world of music, and not just the group from Romagna, his death could have an effect that no one could have expected.
A few days ago, indeed, Lodo Guenzileader and frontman of the group, announced on his social networks that after the last concerts in Milan, Lo Stato Sociale will take a long break.
This choice, as it turned out later, would only be temporary, but Guenzi himself stated several times that they should all have a good understanding of what they want to do in the near future.
Is this the beginning of the end of the welfare state?

#3 Francesca Michelin is fine.

A month ago we talked about how Francesca Michelin announced the cancellation of his summer live shows due to the surgery he would have to face.
Now we can tell you that the singer we will soon see on “X – Factor“, she returned home and, as she herself announced on her social networks, she will have a period of rest before returning to writing and performing.
Rest easy, Francesca, because we are ready to see you on stage again.

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