Gloria Camilla is honest about her health

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Glory to Camilla Make its social network more than just a source of income. The influencer uses the space to talk about personal things in addition to sharing content related to the brands she works with. The main topic of discussion between Rocio Flores’ aunt and her followers in recent days has been her diagnosis of celiac disease.

Gloria Camilla has been diagnosed with celiac disease.
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Content creators are spending a few days with their families; however, taking a vacation doesn’t mean neglecting your health. Glory to Camilla He shared with the community the menus he has eaten in recent days, emphasizing that they are gluten-free and some are vegan.

Gloria Camilla is starting to change her eating habits. Source: (Instagram)

However, adjusting to different eating styles can often be a challenge for everyone, especially if you have to follow certain instructions.via their Instagram stories Glory to Camilla, revealed that now, when purchasing any product, he feels the need to write the word “gluten-free” on the packaging: “I’m eating gluten-free vegan popcorn.”

Gloria Camila talks about her current food situation. Source: (Instagram)

Gloria Camilla responds to her followers

After revealing he was eating gluten-free popcorn, Glory to Camilla He’s had hundreds of messages telling him the product doesn’t need a description because it’s just corn. In this regard, the content creator publicly responded: “Well, I wasn’t fooled when I bought it, even though I knew it. I started scratching, and I didn’t know whether to scratch or not. I’m a chronic gastritis person, and I don’t know if it contains gluten Is quality good for me”

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