Gloria Campano, the mother of Bradley Cooper, plant face-to-Irina Shayk


Irina Shayk will accounts now a joke of mothers-in-law and the same is made to cry… The Russian model, at 33 years of age, can boast of palm, but not having luck with the men. And, even less, with the mothers of these men. The Cristiano Ronaldo never came to accept it all as part of the ‘clan Aveiro’, and Bradley Cooper, who is recently separated, he has been put on a war footing as soon as you have glimpsed the intent of Irina moved to New York. “I will not allow anyone to separate myself from my granddaughter,” he warned the blunt grandmother from Los Angeles in an interview to the magazine ‘Life & Style’.

Small but bully, Gloria Campano, that is so called the progenitor of the famous actor four times nominated for the statuette, is addicted to the red carpet. Not because it soaks in plan mother heavy and adhesive (that also), but because his son has in a literal altar and carries it with him everywhere. Many will recall in the last ceremony of the Oscars, where Glory was this tiny little blonde with sunglasses, wearing a kind of sayón black, which landed next to the couple, or rather below it. And is that mrs. Campano that night not to put on high heels and to his daughter-in-law came to him by the waist, which gave rise to all sorts of comments malicious: since to ask if she was sitting to call it ‘cockatoo’.

Just like there are women who like blond or dark, tall, hairy, or blue-eyed… Irina Shayk seems to predilection, perhaps unconsciously, by men enmadrados. All is well known the close relationship Cristiano Ronaldo, his former boyfriend, with Dolores Aveiro, the true matriarch of a large and diverse clan in which the model never managed to integrate it all. To the point that many place the origin of the rupture of the couple in a heated argument related to a birthday party of Aveiro that the Russian would have refused to attend.

Ex Christian, the model seems to feel a predilection for men enmadrados

In the next room

And as if you don’t want broth, a cup and a half, it turns out that the devotion of Cooper by her mother is still greater. The actor of ‘a star is born’ took her to live with him in 2011 with the purpose of cope with together the terrible grief for the death of his father, but the thing is it was dragging… “My mother is not a guest in my house, my mother sleeps in the next room”, he came to confess Bradley in an interview. Has even qualified as a ‘cool chick’, something like ‘aunt rolled up’. Would have to see if Shayk and define with the same terms.

What is certain is that Campano is not cut nor bite the tongue, such as Aveiro, who came to reveal that Irina had tried to abort when she was pregnant with Christian. Very sturdy and a little subtle, mothers-in-law of Shayk seem chiseled with chainsaws, as the sculpture that you have dedicated to Melania Trump in your Slovenia home. Yes, it is unlikely that Campano dares to stand up to the temperamental Lady Gaga, in the event that you finally go to live with his son.

In regards to Irina, that if you do not have enough with the separation and the mother-in-law has had to deny rumors that it has been stretched the face, it remains to be seen if he has learned the lesson or if, in contrast, is willing to trip again on the same stone. In that case, there is the actor most oedipal of Hollywood: Leonardo di Caprio.