Go up to 4,219 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Mexico; there are already 273 deaths


By applying the projection model of Sentinel Surveillance, the infected would be more than 32,000 people; they recorded a 42% recovery.

In an environment in which Europe continues to slow down the epidemic, and America continues to rebound, the official number of deaths rose Saturday to 273, while the number of infected rose 4,219, three hundred more than the previous day.

If that number is estimated based on the method of Sentinel Surveillanceaccording to the extrepolación current (8.2 per confirmed case), the number of cases of contagion would amount to more than 30,000.

At the press conference that evening to inform of the Covic-19, José Luis Alomía, director general of Epidemiology Secretariat of Health reported that the number of suspects increased to 9,983 in a universe of 35,479 people studied.

Of the hospitalized patients, there is a 3.91% of critical cases (165 intubated), 18.23 with some degree of gravity, while 10.43 are stable.

During the press conference, the deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell said that have been run versions unfounded about alleged states of site, which is “complement false.

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