Goal of Microsoft Windows 10 the way in a billion-device


KOMPAS.com -After the first time diriis the middle of 2015, Windows 10 operating system is now installed on a billion active devices.

It was announced by the Corporate Vice President of Modern life, search & Devices, Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi in an official statement on the blog of the Windows, which was uploaded on Monday.

“Today, we are proud to announce that one billion people in 200 countries, the operating system will Windows 10 have chosen, so that it is Mehdi wrote more than a billion active devices with Windows 10”,.

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The definition of “devices with Windows 10” here, including desktop PC, laptop, game console, the Xbox One, the device headset Mixed Reality HoloLens.

So Microsoft finally managed to meet the target that was launched before Windows 10 is released, though it missed more or less two years. At the time, Microsoft said the number of a billion Windows 10 devices will be achieved in 2018.

The original goal to reach the one billion devices in 3 years after Windows 10 release, not been revised in the year 2016, because the, the Windows mobile device in the competition with Android and iOS.

In September 2019, the number of active devices running Windows 10 are in the order of 900 million euros. An increase of 100 million in just six months, as compiled KompasTekno from The VergeOn Tuesday (17/3/2020).

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Before Windows 10, it lasted only from March 2019 September 2019, and the number of active devices from 800 million to 900 million Euro increase.

The figures that the introduction of Windows 10, which increased rapidly in the last year, also supports the migration of companies, the upgrade of Windows 7 after the support stopped some time ago.