Goalkeeper Sergio Rico’s cries as he is released from hospital after 83 days in a horse accident

Sergio Rico released after 83 days in hospital

The Spanish footballer was hospitalized for 10 weeks and spent several days in the intensive care unit (ICU). Sergio Rico Has been discharged and interviewed by the media at the door Santa Maria del Rocio Hospital from Seville.the archer paris saint germain He arrived at the enclosure after a horse accident during his pilgrimage to El Rocío (Huelva) on 28 May.

signed company with his wife Alba SilvaBe very close to him the whole time, rich Said his first words: “I’m feeling fine, really. The aneurysm isn’t fully under control though. We’ll have to stay calm, calm, and continue to recover at home for a few more months.”

Sevilla goalkeeper 29 years old passed 83 daysThat said, he was in the hospital for nearly three months, with weeks spent fighting for his life in the ICU.However, it has progressed until it can Continue your recovery in your private home.

They say the brain is smart enough to cancel out all these types of events.. It’s a dream. I woke up in the hospital, thank goodness I was out today. I’m very excited, very happy and grateful. I thank my wife, my family, everyone who comes here…she spends 20 hours a day with me. I am so grateful, none of this would have been possible without your support,” he said through tears.

Sergio Rico was released after 83 days in hospital, accompanied by his wife Alba Silva (Image: EFE)

Alba Silva She previously confirmed on social media that her husband is finally able to rest at home, although she must continue to work towards a full recovery, His football future is uncertain. He has no dates or short-term goals, and because the accident was so bad, his first steps will be to return to a normal life.

While he was in an induced coma, he had some anxious moments due to a change in diagnosis, he suffered from pneumonia and fever, but his condition improved over time until sedation was suspended and the negative symptoms resolved. According to the doctor, Sergio Rico loses more than 20 kg In the intensive care unit (ICU), the weekly loss of muscle capacity is about 30%.

“I would like to say a few words, first of all thank you for the respect you have shown my family, especially my wife, To the world of football, to Paris and Sevilla, and to the many colleagues who played with me They sent me a message of support. Everything is appreciated,” he added. rich before the microphone. “I’ve said it many times: I’m a Sevilla fan and I hope one day I can return to Sevilla”He added.

Sergio Rico speaks to the media outside the hospital (Reuters/Marcelo Del Pozo)

his last sporting event was on saturday May 27when he participates in the call PSG Penultimate match in French league Strasbourgwhere they are tied together 1-1 They were declared champions of the tournament. After getting engaged, he moved to the village. dewwhere his accident happened.

At present, the possibility of his return to football is very small, although from the paris saint germain plan to meet him louis field And the club doctor at the helm.Before the accident, he was scheduled to renew for three more seasons, with a one-year option until the 2028.

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