“God, how happy I am.” Natalia Denisenko recovered from coronavirus

Natalia Denisenko recovered from coronavirus (Photo: Instagram.com/natalka_denisenko)

Actress Natalya Denisenko recovered from coronavirus after two weeks of serious illness.

The actress fell ill more than two weeks ago with her husband Andrei Fedinchik . Then the actress’s mother became infected with the coronavirus. The spouses were diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. Denisenko said that the only one of the family lost her sense of smell.

It was Natalya who began to recover most quickly. She received a negative coronavirus test today. According to the actress, a couple of days before the test, she began to feel some smells, breathe easier and her overall health improved.

“ I won’t even say when was the last time I was so happy !!!”, – these were the words that Denisenko began her post with.

” Not revealed” were my most desirable words that I would like to read … Yesterday morning I passed the test, did not tell anyone, I was very worried … After midnight I received the result: “Not revealed.”

God, how happy I am !!! I even shed tears of joy, I was thrown into such a tremor … Of course, not everything is behind me, every day I meet with weakness and wave-like headaches, but this is better than all the hell that we went through …

Today I passed blood tests to track the consequences of the virus, I hope everything will be in order, “said the star Serf.

Unfortunately, the actress’s husband and her mother are still not recovering. On the contrary, they started having complications and now Denisenko is giving them injections to thin the blood and for heart failure.

Also in the post, Denisenko urged everyone to take care of themselves and each other, and also not to forget about prevention. She advised taking vitamins C, D, and zinc.