God of War, is Dwayne Johnson really a contender for the role of Kratos?

Following the rumors about Dave Bautista, several rumors have circulated in recent weeks that he would Dwayne Johnson Kratos is in talks to play the role of the serial adaptation of God of war Produced by Prime Video. again, a fan account corey barlogDirector of the video game of the same name on which the Amazon series will be based.

A little more than a year after Prime Video’s God of War adaptation was announced, a Barlog fan account took to Twitter to address rumors about Johnson possibly playing Kratos. The alleged casting talks were first reported by TMZ, whose star said fast and furious And black adams He will be considered for the role of Ghost of Sparta. In response to the account spreading the rumours, a fan Barlog has firmly stated that he “virtually never heard of it”.Denying the rumours.

For God of warCasting Kratos may have been one of the most difficult tasks in the series, as the character has become one of PlayStation’s most iconic and recognizable figures. in the norse era God of warfeatured in the 2018 video game and its 2022 sequel God of War: RagnarokThe character was voiced by Christopher Judge, who played an older and weary Kratos who is trying to leave his violent past behind. Judge was nominated for several awards for her performance, before winning Best Performance at The Game Awards 2022.

Although the details are released God of war It’s safe to assume most of Prime Video’s information remains confidential Johnson won’t join based on Barlog’s response, Although he’s one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, in the near future he’ll likely be busy playing another god in the live-action remake of Disney’s Oceania.

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