Goes up to 848 the spread of coronavirus in Mexico


In Mexico add up to 16 deaths per Covid-19. Photo: Cuartoscuro

In Mexico add up to 16 deaths per Covid-19. Photo: Cuartoscuro


The Secretariat of Health confirmed that add up to 848 cases of infected with the coronavirus Covid-19 all over the country.

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At the time van 16 deaths by complications related to this virus.

Hugo López Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and health Promotion, reported that the number of suspects amounted to 2623, while the tests have given negative total 4341.

On the other hand, he asked all citizens to stay at homebecause it is the best way to reduce the virus and not experience situations such as in Italy or the united States.

López Gatell noted that in Mexico we are in a period of accelerated growth.

There is an opportunity to stop, but not eliminate, the transmission of the virus,”

He also indicated that in the case of the phase 3 you run the risk of overwhelm hospitals and that it has not ability to attend to all, so that there would be deaths that otherwise would have been avoidable. For this reason, he insisted that people comply with the insulation.

The only way to reduce infections is to stay at home in a massive way, all and all, for a period of one month”


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