Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, and her daughter appear on the cover of the annual edition of the beauty of People magazine


LOS ANGELES, 22 apr (Reuters) – actress Goldie Hawn, her daughter Kate Hudson and her granddaughter, Rani Rose Fujikawa appeared on the cover of the annual edition of beauty magazine “People”.

This is the first time that three generations on the cover of “Beautiful”, which this year celebrated the 30th anniversary of one of the most coveted honours of the publication of celebrities.

“These women illustrate what is important to us at this moment: positivity, kindness, laughter, and family”, said the chief editor of “People”, Dan Wakeford.

In the magazine, Hawn, the star of “Private Benjamin” 74 years, and Hudson, the actress from “Almost Famous”, of 41 years, speak about their relationship and the challenges of raising their children.

“Mom was my greatest support. And it made me think of Rani (…) ‘I hope to give that kind of trust’, did you know?”, said Hudson of the magazine.

The double issue, which will arrive on Friday at the kiosks, it contains 40 pages of other stars, such as actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Rita Wilson, who were photographed for the section “Barefaced Beauties” (“Beauties face washed”).

Michelle Pfeiffer was the first to appear on the cover of the special edition Most Beautiful in 1990. Over the years they have paraded Julia Roberts, who was in five opportunities, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyonce.

The year changed in 2018 to be called simply Beatiful.