Golly, Apps Zoom in iOS is Known that to Send data to Facebook


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Hitekno.com – To do since issued guidelines to prevent the activity of the home, that the spread of the corona virus, the application Zoom is always popular because it can interact with many people to interact with their work or study online.

This app is used for the face-to-face with your office and the lecture online, so that he can keep up, goes well.

But not long ago, the data sent to you in the apps Zoom in iOS to Facebook.

Quoted from the report Motherboard about UbergizmoYou will find that the iOS version of Zoom send data to Facebook, even if the user does not have account Facebook.

From the data, which will be your results and the data Zoom sent to Facebook include usage data such as when the user opens the application, the zone, the details about your phone model, user, time, and city where they are located.

Illustration Facebook. (Unsplash/Alex Haney)
Illustration Facebook. (Unsplash/Alex Haney)

Not only that, the data in the form in which they are connected by the operator are used by the user is also included in the report.

This data can then be used for the advertiser to send advertising tools that can be targeted.

Zoom is not the disclosure of this practice and also not in a clear way.

The credit of the Facebook, they say, on the Motherboard, which, according to their requirements for developers to use the SDK, the developers should be transparent with the users about the data that is sent back to Facebook.

In-App Zoom have shot up in recent weeks, as more and more people begin to work and learn from home. Party Zoom itself has not commented on anything about this report.