Good 4 U’s first recording

Olivia Rodrigo played the first vocal recording of one of their most successful songs, good 4u,

The track represents the third single from the debut album SOUR, the music video of which earned a nomination for a Grammy.

While he going crazy with his latest single vampireWhich will be a part of her upcoming album GUTS, the singer and actress shared a snippet of her first voice memo.

The singer played the first recording of Good 4 U during an interview for the famous Vogue column, 73 Questions.

At the very beginning of the meeting, the journalist with the magazine’s microphone asked Olivia “show something really interesting“On his phone.

,I have several voice memos and maybe I’ll show you one. Oh it’s the original Good 4 U recording on a useless guitar in my living roomhe said before letting the snippet play.

During the long question session, Olivia Rodrigo revealed a bit more about her tastes and preferences. For example, her favorite song by Lorde is liabilityHis favorite road trip destination is Salt Lake City (where he filmed High School Musical: The Musical: The Series during seasons 1–2).

The artist also revealed that what was the name of the first song he wrote on the piano? Superman, when he was only 14 years old. and he wrote a work titled Astronaut what did he do to her”believe i can really go into songwriting,

Below you can watch the video of the entire conversation and in the second minute of the clip you will find the same point where the singer starts recording. Nice 4U.

after playing my first christmas carol BellsOlivia continues to open the doors to her world for fans.

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