Good idea or bad idea? TikTok’s viral trick on panty liners in the closet

We live in a day-to-day era Tips for solving everyday problems at home go viral in the most original way. Many of these are interesting because they are based on recycling or repurposing elements that would otherwise go to waste, such as corks in the refrigerator, and they try to solve potentially complex problems in a simple and natural way.

Other tricks that have been suggested and gone viral are pretty absurd, like turning a coat hanger upside down… how plausible is this week when we have an “air freshener liner”? Glue panty liners in drawers and cupboards?

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Viral Pad Tips

Tips that are going viral on TikTok these days include: Take a pad and soak it with a few drops of essential oil We chose and stuck it in a hidden place so it wouldn’t be seen, in a closet or drawer so the scent could be easily picked up.

Not saying it’s a bad idea, it’s not a problem, but I personally don’t think it’s a very good idea either, with Endless Options for Perfuming Cabinets and Drawers Naturally or artificially, without having to resort to using panty liners that are clearly not designed for it.

in this case we do not recycle A used panty liner (I think), we are spending a new one, it should have another function, not just one, but as many as possible, we want aroma cabinets and/or drawers, we Also have to replace them for others sometimes… Some elements are designed to create more durable storage and they will smell just as good if we choose the right scent.

Alternatives to Decorative Wardrobe

Between toFunnier, Best Selling, Cheapest and Best Value Alternatives For tips on air freshener liners, we found, for example, a set of 24 tablet Fresh lavender €3.55, pack of 20 sachet Stick to the smell of apple and cinnamon, € 33.99, a set of four wardrobe fresheners by Don Algodón, € 12, a pack of four air freshener Essential oils €7.99, set of 10 Lavender Sachet The price of natural dry is 10.90 euros.

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