Good news: Mario Zagallo released after nearly a month in hospital

good news from brazil: this afternoon Mario Zagallo was discharged from the hospital due to illness and returned home to Rio de Janeiro. The 92-year-old former player has been hospitalized with a urinary tract infection since early August.

After recovery, He posted a photo on his official Instagram account with a touching post.

“What a joy! After 22 days in the hospital for a UTI, I am home from the hospital! I would like to thank everyone who was involved in my recovery in any way! Special thanks to my doctor, Dr. Marcia Ladeira, and her semi-intensive care team! We are still stronger than ever! Thank you all for your messages and love! ZAGALLO DE ALTA has 13 letters! You must eat me! Old wolf is coming!”wrote.

As far as he is concerned, The family released a video showing the Brazilian returning home in a wheelchair and thanked people for the messages he received while he was in hospital.

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Zagallo won two World Cups as a player in Sweden in 1958 and Chile in 1962 with the deceased star Baileyand then is the coach exist titled Mexico 1970 and then assistant in dedication United States 1994.

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