Good News! Starting Next year, you Can fly in space


The price is fantastic, really…

Company Start Axiom-space officially announced that it has signed a contract with SpaceX for some time. This is done to the visitor, the astronaut in the space, or rather, The International Space Station (ISS).

The reason for this is that is allowed to fly to the ISS, a NASA astronaut, of course. So, by the Axiom that space is available, in order to realize to go to the dream of a non-astronaut such as tourists and private research curious how it feels in the room. Later, the people already flying pay, up to the space ship belongs to SpaceX.

Curious on more info about the flight into space is? Let us see more and do not forget to read it until it’s up and running yeah!

1. Travel with the spacecraft Crew Dragon

Good News! Starting Next year, you Can fly in

Started CNNfor you who already a flight to the ISS, you will be boarding the space ship, the have been provided. Is SpaceX Elon Musk, the space ship is. Apparently, SpaceX offers the space ship, with the name of the Crew on the dragon, the tourists fly to the ISS.

Crew itself is a spaceship-shaped capsule measuring 13 feet, or the equivalent of 3.9 meters, it is the dragon. Crew Dragon is able to accommodate four people: the commander of the professional and the three passengers. But the rest, Axiom space is expressed, if in the future the Crew of the Dragon is to load in the location of seven people at once.

2. Requires a very large cost

Good News! Starting Next year, you Can fly in

SpaceX and Axiom-room, has already developed plans for a number of persons, not an astronaut “travel” in the room. Surely you are curious about how much it costs to go for a walk on the ISS?

Unfortunately, the Axiom is refuse room, information about the price of the flight, it was reported Forbes. It is believed, however, that the costs could have to be shot down reach a person’s 55 million US dollars, or the equivalent of Rp829 billion!

3. New could begin next year

Good News! Starting Next year, you Can fly in

For those of you who already not wait to go into space, you still need to be patient. So, traveling with the Crew dragon will be implemented in the second half of the year 2021. If it goes according to plan, you will spend 10 days (two days travel, eight days on the ISS). NASA Astronaut on the arrival of the visitors.this is great.

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4. His flight first Axiom space, commercial

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Good News! Starting Next year, you Can fly in

Michael Suffredini, CEO of Axiom space this will be the first of many missions to the ISS, which is fully staffed and managed by Axiom space. Including commercial interests, this will also be the first, because in General, the probe is only for the benefit of the astronaut.

However, Suffredini admitted that he is happy because this flight means, show an increase in terms of transport. According to him, the procurement of Transport for travellers with the Axiom of room to do this, it is a sign that there will be more missions like this in the future.

5. Space vehicles from the United States, the first, the tourists

Good News! Starting Next year, you Can fly in

With the mission of the tourism Axiom-space, do this, then this also marks the first time in history a space probe in the United States (US) used to tourists on the ISS. Axiom-room, select the Crew Dragon, SpaceX, which came in the rest of the USA.

Earlier, a U.S.-based company called Space Adventures has already tourists on the ISS from 2001 until 2009. However, you will have to use Soyuz spacecraft belonging to Russia rather than to the space-plane origin. To rich this time, only very people who can go to space. How can you not, it the person reaches into their pocket, to US $ 86 million (Rp1,2 trillion).

6. Crew dragon should only be used by the astronauts to fly

Good News! Starting Next year, you Can fly in

A NASA spokesperson stated that the flight plan Axiom of room to do this in accordance with the strategy of the width to facilitate the marketing. In fact, the priority of the Agency is, the space-ship-Crew dragon so that the astronaut can fly. Therefore, in many cases, a large number of flights to the ISS of a sudden.

It is not separated from the passengers, the rating currently in search of a thrill, because you can go to the space. This is the reason why the Crew need the dragon to fly certified tourists. In addition, you should be able to keep the ISS fully staffed by astronauts who are professionally trained.

7. Flight-prone cancelled

Good News! Starting Next year, you Can fly in

For your information, the flight to the ISS as a commercial interests was already done often. Even so, NASA is also selective in the admission of the flight is then executed immediately, so as not to cause chaos in the outer room. A mission would flight to the ISS is part of the Axiom-the room is suddenly.

An example is how, in the last year. A company called Bigelow Aerospace said it will arrange trips to the ISS with the Crew Dragon, SpaceX has. The company plans to sell airline tickets, cost around US$52 million (Rp784 billion euros) per person, but the plan was later aborted.

Well, the some of the things you need to know is, from the flight to the ISS, the soon to be held, Axiom space and SpaceX in the next year. If not will be cancelled, and you are willing to spend money, how much, what it’s like to walk in space? Rather than rest in the earth, jammed all the time.

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