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Goodbye belly! Vin Diesel returned to fitness in “Fast and Furious” and showed his muscles

Vin Diesel is back in fitness once again, at the age of 54! The actor, who was caught in September with a rather large belly, during his vacation in Europe, got serious about the job. Just a week ago, he showed fans that he got to work and posted a photo of him training his shoulders with his friend, Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. Diesel surprised everyone in September, during the Venice Film Festival when he was photographed by paparazzi with a rather round belly, on board a private yacht. It’s not the first time that the greedy Vin Diesel has gained weight during the holidays, when he takes a break from filming. In the last seven years, he has been caught several times with a coil around his waist during the holidays, and when he returned to the set he looked like he was detached from magazines.

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Vin Diesel is considered by many to be the perfect father in Hollywood. Vin Diesel, real name Mark Sinclair was born on July 18, 1967. He is 1.87 meters tall and weighs 100 kg. He is naturally greedy and when he goes on holiday he indulges in sweets. This explains why she weighs more than 5 kilograms in less than a month. He has been married to Paloma Jimenez since 2007 and they have three children together: Pauline, 6, Vincent, 11, and Hania, 13. Diesel admitted that he was a womanizer in his youth, but says that since he has been with Paloma he has turned into a convinced family man.

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