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From This weekend the Municipal Gymnasium N ° 2 of Comodoro Rivadavia and the school 718 of Rada Tilly will cease to function as a vaccination center, as part of a new stage that promotes non-shift vaccination in Primary Health Care Centers (CAPS) and public hospitals.

11 months after the start of the vaccination campaign against covid-19, the South Program Area of ​​the Ministry of Health of Chubut worked on a decentralization mechanism together with the Municipalities of Comodoro Rivadavia and Rada Tilly.

“As of Monday the vaccination will be exclusively in the Health Centers and Public Hospitals from all over town and Rada Tilly. The objective of this is that the vaccine is available to the entire community in each of the neighborhoods, and that can be accessed in the spontaneous how you can access any other calendar vaccination in the normal working hours of health centers and hospitals ”, explained Lorena Abril, coordinator of the vaccination campaign of the South Programmatic Area

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Thus, it aims to speed up access by not having to manage and wait a previous turn and at the same time appeal to the responsibility of each citizen.

Those who must apply the first or second dose of any of the vaccines, the booster or additional dose They can go to the CAPS in their neighborhood or the Regional Hospital, in Comodoro; and to the Salita or the Arturo Íllia Rural Hospital in Rada Tilly.

In that framework, This Saturday, both the Municipal Gymnasium No. 2 and the gymnasium of School 718 will cease to function as a vaccination center.

Abril explained that at this point in the campaign the aim is to complete the vaccination of children and adolescents and the application of additional and booster doses. “In the case of children and adolescents, all those who have not yet received their turn should go directly to health centers and hospitals. While in the case of adults, it is important that everyone knows what the difference is between the booster and the additional dose, whose turn it is and when it is the turn to be able to attend and receive the corresponding dose ”.

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It should be remembered that the additional dose of the Covid-19 vaccine corresponds to the people over 50 who have been vaccinated with Sinopharm and immunocompromised people. These are patients undergoing cancer treatment for solid and onco-hematological tumors; solid organ transplant recipients on immunosuppressive treatment; hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients in the past 2 years or on immunosuppressive treatment; moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency; people living with HIV or on active treatment with high-dose corticosteroids or immunosuppressive medication. In this case, the additional dose should be applied at least one month after the second dose.

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While the booster dose is intended for all population that received the second dose or the additional dose six months before. Regarding this group, Abril explained that “we have started with health personnel and those over 70 years of age, which is the population that has already completed six months. But to the extent that six months have elapsed since the application of the second dose or the additional dose, any person, without waiting for their turn or being summoned, should approach the health centers to receive their booster dose, and thus complete their vaccination schedule ”.

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