Goodhairday: Ariana Grande, 30, ponytail and more

of course if we think Ariana Grande the first image that comes to mind is her very high ponytail, a feature that, moreover, makes it instantly recognizable. also because in recent years it has Her Sportiest HairlookCopied and repurposed in teen bedrooms around the world.

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Ariana, 30 years old and lovely

The American pop star will turn 30 on July 26 and will be there One of the most sought after women by beauty connoisseurs (Last February she also launched her beauty line, Rem, in Italy, which makes us love it even more). She reminded her fans in a recent interview that her world famous ponytail is one of the hair looks she is known for.

Let’s think about when, in the pandemic, the award-winning artist showed herself on Instagram with her long natural curls and, early in her career, it was fiery red With which he colored his hair. Even though the downside was that in the long run frequent coloring became a curse for her hair. It was Ariana who revealed this on Instagram in 2014 (the problem, in fact, wasn’t the color but the constant bleaching): “For a very long time I was part of a television program where I had to dye my hair every two week for the role I essayed.So of course my hair started falling and that’s why I use a lot of extensions now.

hairpedia of ponytail

And here, by accident and subsequent necessity, was born the look that set her apart and that, in a very short time, made her a unique and inimitable style icon. Ariana Grande started showing off her hair to hide her damaged hair high tail Which would go down several editions later.

but their hairstyles are different The pony tail remains fixed. Often it also blends into long gray, smooth or slightly wavy hair. Then, on some occasions, it is possible to recognize a simple star messy bun, become space 90s, pigtails or pigtails.

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always and in any case looks fashionable which immediately reduces the population, generates want to exponential. down, it’s then A retrospective of the most beautiful hairstyles worn by Ariana Grande in time. Thirty years and a beautiful chameleon with tufts.

black curly

Honey High Pony with Side Tuft

Rapunzel in hot red nuances

Frizz High Ponytail With Embellished

Low Double Tail in Mahogany Shade

chocolate waves

messy bun

double half-braids

semi gathered wavy and gray

space buns

high tail

shiny smooth with side line

high brown ponytail with bangs

chignon with maxi bow

super smooth boho mood

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