Goodhairday: Emma Stone, Hollywood’s Hottest Redhead (Natural Blonde)

Emma Stone, how can you not love her? We’ve all been defeated by it for years hair chameleonic, even if inevitably, if we close our eyes, the first image of her that appears before us will undoubtedly be the red-haired version.

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Emma Stone: the reddest blonde in the world

Oh yes, even if the diva did all sorts of things and we saw it too with white and black hair in the role Cruella DeMon (the continuation of which we are looking forward to) for us remains one of the most spectacular redheads in Hollywood although, naturally, she is absolutely very blonde.

But given that some love relationships take huge turns and then come back, lately the Oscar-winning actress La La Land she’s back to square one, showing off on Instagram with a cool asymmetrical bob with just one signature: platinum. Stone’s look was created by celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak, founder of the Rōz hair product line. And this is truly the helmet we crave now if we are thinking about giving update autumn foliage.

From brunette to blonde, but only red in soul

A really cool hairstyle for the actress, who shows off yet another trichological transformation in her latest film. Poor things (in Italian Poor creatures!in cinemas from January 25), awarded the Golden Lion at the last Venice Film Festival.

In the film, Emma Stone appears as a sort of punk Barbie, with thick eyebrows and unusual (for her) long raven hair.

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But for the American star, as we’ve already said, her heart hair color remains red, with each of which she has experimented with over the past years, moving from warmer tones to brown, copper or mahogany, always paired with bobs and long bobs; except for the delay.

A winning choice that sets her apart from all the high Hollywood penthouses, given that her genetics also help her in this: very pale skin, freckles, big green eyes. However, what is striking about her hair is how well-groomed and shiny it always is. Styled in soft waves or pulled up into slightly tousled updos, Emma Stone is known for her hairstyles that fit the look.

And to think that in some interviews he has stated several times that “hair is the last thing on my mind. I remember that I need to treat them, but I always put it off.” Really lucky, there is no doubt about it!

Either way, whether she’s a redhead, blonde or brunette, Emma proves that she can pull off almost any look, and her hair is as versatile as her roles.

Proof? Below, check out Emma’s many hairstyles and colorways over the years.

Mocha color with lush fringe

Bright red seed harvest

Faux bob platinum

Collect dirty chocolate

Strawberry blonde wavy

Dropped forehead and side bangs

Low pony chic

Old Hollywood waves

Side braid

In about

Deep Copper Bundle with Curtains

Very blonde

Dancer bun

Smooth ice blonde hair

Auburn and wavy

Wavy with floral appliqués.

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