Google and Apple are, start Now, and reject the request-Associated Corona-Virus


Illustration of office Google. (unsplash/@pawel_czerwinski) – Started now by Google and Apple, crack you apps with corona to fight viruses, the misinformation that is available on the internet.

The app developer claims that Apple has rejected all apps related corona virus in the store, the App Store that do not come from official institutions such as the world health organization or the government.

Four companies, the developer, to CNBC revealed that Apple had rejected their app, which contains data on the number of people with the corona-virus in the whole world. In fact, sue the developer, that with your data from reliable sources, such as the world health organization (WHO).

One of the developers admitted to an employee of Apple, you take contact by phone, and explain that all the information will be adopted in relation to the corona-virus, if derived from the health official and the government.

Figure Play Store. (Shutterstock)
Figure Play Store. (Shutterstock)

While Google is also reported to not bring any results for the search-related corona virus in the Play Store. However, Google has to official information about the application-the application associated corona-virus.

Google and Apple are not alone in the efforts to end the hoaks and false news about the corona virus. Before Twitter and Facebook, and has been confirmed, it will dampen the information about the corona virus in the social media platforms.

Earlier in January, the Google search warning SOS to activate on all questions terkaut corona-virus to provide information that can be trusted. Now it seems that Google Play has to disable the keyword search corona-virus in the Android app.

On the Play Store app or Google Play, if the user input Virus croona or COVID-19, the user is not the results found in connection with the virus.

The concept of corona-virus, they can’t appear in a search for movies, application, TV shows and even search the book in the Play Store.

Note To The Editors:If you believe the symptoms of cough, fever, and other and want to find out the right information about the corona virus Covid-19, please contact the Hotline of the Ministry of health 021-5210411 or contact the number 081212123119. ( Jemadu)