Google and LG will use Snapdragon 865


Both Google and LG claims that the smartphone uses the Snapdragon-865, a price will be expensive because modem 5G is sold separately.

By the end of 2019, the past, Qualcomm has just the processors introduced in its latest flagship, namely the Snapdragon 865. This processor provides the power, which is very admirable, but unfortunately does not come with modem 5G integrated.

The power of the manufacturer smartphone pay the price are quite expensive, if you want to have smartphone with high performance, but still the 5G network. You have to buy the processor and modem 5G separately.

Some companies such as Google and LG reportedly dispense with Snapdragon 865 in your current devices. This is because the device that they have expensive price. And that’s not what they want to offer to the future users.

Wccftech (27/3/2020) report, LG is rumored with Snapdragon-765 for the device LG G9 to you. Previously, they have introduced the V60 ThinQ with the flagship processor of Qualcomm of. And the price can be quite costly.

On the other side, Google is rumored to have decided to use the Snapdragon processor 765G more powerful. The news emerged after coding the latest app you mention smartphone You will further use the processor mid-range.

And as you know, is better integrated Snapdragon 765 and Snapdragon 765G already modem support 5G. But the speed of the 5G network is offered by this processor is not match with modem 5G Qualcomm sold separately.

Some smartphone on the market today that the use of the Snapdragon-865 is probably worthless cheap. Samsung Galaxy S20, for example, most of the price values a cost USD999 (Rp16 million), while the Galaxy S10 best offer of USD749 (Rp12 million).