Google Assistant Could read and Translate the Web content in…



MOUNTAIN VIEW – In the case of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2020, Google introduced a new feature to the Google wizard, and the contents read, by the entire website to the user.

The function is now under the name of “Read it” is officially rolled out worldwide. Will read in all Android devices with Android OS version 5 or higher. However, the distribution is gradual.

To use this feature, users simply open the website to say then: “Hey Google, read it” or “Hey Google, read the page” so that the wizard, read the text on the phone screen.

The user can also change the reading speed and choose from multiple voices. To help users to follow, browser it is a scroll of the page automatically, and highlight the words when read aloud.

Features, you can read texts read in 42 languages. The user can also use the option “translate“translate the text in the website before listening to.

“With this new experience, we hope that language barriers and help a variety of people, access to information from the web more easily,” wrote Google quotes blog its official, Friday (6/3/2020).