Google Brings File-Sharing Feature Similar to AirDrop for Android


MOUNTAIN VIEW, AirDrop is the fastest and easiest way to transfer files between mobile devices. Google wants to get a kind of functions AirDrop on your Android smartphone.

Option AirDrop automatically in the Share Sheet for application support, nothing. Features using Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi to send files to nearby Apple devices.

Samsung now offers something similar, namely the Rapid Share on the Galaxy S20. But the native support for Android-file transfer is still limited to the latest Bluetooth sharing, and Gmail/Drive, internet connection required.

It does not take long and again is a direct competitor to the AirDrop, the built-in Android it can. In the release note developer preview of Android 11, Google in a note included, interesting.

“If the sharing of files completed Quickly to Share between the two device-Pixel-4, the operation was successful. But the UI on the device receives the file States it is not accepting the file,” said the release notes are quoted: Phone ArenaOn Friday (20/3/2020).

This confirm the existence of such a function, and there is a huge possibility of Android users can see it more in the final Version of Google’s mobile operating system. Earlier this year, XDA released a video that shows the Parts in the vicinity, although his experience is far from seamless.

Right AirDrops in the vicinity of Parts can be used to transfer pictures between the Android device but requires an action from the user to complete it. Regardless of what the name implies, features file-sharing-this will be a welcome addition for Android users.

Editor : Early Angela