Google delayed the Update of Chrome and Chrome OS By Corona



NEW YORK – The giants of the technology world, Google decided to postpone the update of Chrome and Chrome OS. Google stated that the process should be planned, the reset is going according to plan.

This decision was made because of the engineering company, work from home, due to the spread of the corona virus, type Covid-19 in the Land of Uncle Sam.READ ALSO: scientists from Wuhan to Remind the owner of This blood group is Impossible, the Survivors of the Corona

Start Zdnet, Sunday (22/3/2020), this delay was announced, Google officially launches, according to the clear and Chrome update v81. Previously, the company, the do the update of Chrome on March 17, 2020.

The promotion was made intensive through videos on YouTube, tweeting on Twitter and posting on the official blog of them. After finally adjourned, all of the promotion it is removed by Google.

Meanwhile, Google’s release plans for all of the updates in the Chrome 81 in the form of minor updates to the Chrome-80. The company deter still, all the important Updates, until things felt back to normal. ALSO READ: the pain of This Terrible Perceived infection Affected Corona

The reason Google has this delay is understandable, since the Chrome browser is used the most in the world. If problems arise, the update and the technician that it is not enough to cope with it to be, certainly the impact will be very large, for many parties.