Google Gave the YouTube Service, Computer Algorithms and are Processed!


INDOZONE.ID To move the presence of the corona virus are being forced in many countries besides China, a lot of technology companies, to a system of WFH (Work from home) to their employees, one of which is Google.

You are aware that one of the services is owned by Google, so YouTube is a bit of a problem in connection with the application of the system of the WFH. This is because currently Google entrust computer algorithms, to content moderation.

The YouTube Website
Website YouTube (Photo/Unsplash/Kon Karampelas)

Yes, as long as this system is the moderation of content on YouTube still with the help of a human. To check because the computer system will not always be able to, whether the set contents are a breach of the terms and conditions or not.

However, because many of the employees who do not come to the office now, then Google is more reliant on computer algorithms, content moderation, YouTube perform.

In addition, Google is also said that with the implementation of this system, there are some users and authors, the interrupted.

“We know that this will annoy and Creator, but we feel that this said a decision we have taken to ensure that the employee remains on YouTube safe”, Google.

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