Google Hangouts Make Free of charge due to the Corona Virus, solution, Online Meetings


Representation of the Google logo. (Pixabay) – In anticipation of the spread of the corona virus COVID-19, many companies issued a policy of working from home or working from home.

To work mengakomidir from home, it needs a variety of online support. To coordinate including and meeting room.

Because it was there that the name is Google Hangouts to Meet a premium service that allows for online meetings easier.

Thus, the spread of the corona virus, steam, Google is reported that the free premium services.

Quote from Engadget (15/3/2020), Google Hangouts diggratiskan for customers G Suite G Suite education has to Meet start from now.

The presence of Google Hangouts to Meet, free of charge, limited to 1. July 2020. At least for the political work from home done a lot.

Google Hangouts make can Meet online with 350 people. Also live streaming over 100 thousand spectators.

Google Hangouts Meeting. (Google)
Google Hangouts Meeting. (Google)

Other benefits that users of the premium service of Google this can also save a recording of the meeting in Google Hangouts Meetings for free.

Service Google Hangouts this Meeting could work out a solution for companies, the imposition of a home, because the effects of the corona-virus.

Also for education, learning and face-to-face online between teachers and students.

Since many of the employees, educators, and students to remain at a distance, the spread of COVID-19 work to reduce, we want to help you connected and productive,” said Google in its official blog.

Access to Google may be used to Comply with Hangouts, for free, in order to avoid transmission of the virus corona COVID-19.