Google Hide applications in connection with Corona-viruses in the Play Store

319 – The outbreak of corona virus is new, or COVID-19, swept many countries in the world it is a serious Problem for many people. All of the search you made, the by many people, what COVID-19, its symptoms, do not update the information until the cure is found yet.

About COVID-19 and search in many platfom no exception in the app store, Play Store, Google has to hide recently, the rumor, or a variety of applications occur in connection COVID-19. As reported by 9to5Google, this is done by Google, the possibility of an attempt to stop the spread of misinformation about the virus, the causes of noise in the community.

At the time of writing, a search for ‘coronavirus’ and ‘COVID-19’ (the official name for the disease caused by a virus) yielded no results. Searching, sorting, it works as expected, up to this point, and search ‘covid” shows dozens of applications, both of these conditions.

Some of the applications, to protect themselves from the virus may be benign or even a helpful guide with information about how you wash it, you can find your hands properly and how to quarantine themselves to in the Play Store However, the application can also be used to spread the wrong information and make the situation worse.

It is also possible that the developer is unethical to try to earn money, the crisis, the exhibition is a very simple application that contains only little information, and mostly is a means to display advertising or to convince the user to the concerned register, the premium features.

While citing the page TechRadar, Google is not the only technology company, which is amplified in the containment of the dissemination of misleading information about the virus.

In the last year, Pinterest to intervene decisively, when the user is looking for information about vaccinations and cancer, and to limit it to only the information will be displayed, with the publication of leading medical.

Now it’s taken the same approach with the coronavirus, shows a series of information cards, created by the World Health organization (WHO), which offers advice to the spread of the virus.

Facebook also takes a similar approach. Mark Zuckerberg said that the social networking, the advertising area, WHICH is free, and the direct search ‘coronavirus’, the information of the WHO, or the authority of the local health authorities.

False claims and conspiracy theories will be deleted immediately and anyone who tries to use the situation to advertise the miracle drug-related COVID-19 you will find your account locked forever from Facebook.

Published By : Mohamad Only Asikin

Reporter : Rian Alfianto