Google Hides search term “Corona-Virus” in the Play Store


Figure Play Store. (Shutterstock) – In January, Google search warning SOS to activate on all questions terkaut corona-virus to provide information that can be trusted. Now it seems that Google Play has to disable the keyword search corona-virus in the Android app.

On the Play Store app or Google Play, if the user input Virus croona or COVID-19, the user is not the results found in connection with the virus.

Similar terms also appear in the search, movies, TV shows and even search the book in the Play Store.

Not only that, other terms, such as COVID19 without hyphens managed to return the results, for the app Center for Disease Control and Prevention officially.

In the meantime, the search box menampillkan term is proposed, in connection with corona-virus.

Figure Play Store. (Shutterstock)
Figure Play Store. (Shutterstock)

Quoted from: page 9to5googleaccording to a reader all of the keywords coronavirus worked.

If it is as it is, the possible presence of bugs or the actions of prevention of abuse as a response to a search that is too high.

Google may want to reduce the game application, a popular SEO and make sure that no wrong information.

Another possibility is the search results coronavirus is that Google wants to collect Play manually, to ensure that Android apps such as the CDC.

In the meantime, before you are a Google Hangouts Meeting premiun free of charge for customers with a G-Suite to help the working people and the students learn from home due to the quarantine of the corona-virus that makes some people have to work outside of the office and study in the school.