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Google launched a new certification to learn data analysis in 180 hours. This course is dedicated to all people who do not have experience in technology and want to learn to program and manage databases. Graduates will earn a data analyst degree, a profile highly demanded by Argentine companies and that They pay up to $ 180,000 per month, with base salaries greater than $ 100,000.

According to Google, this is “a new career in the high-growth field of data analytics, no experience or degree required”. The computer giant offers “professional training designed by Google “ and have the opportunity to connect “with the best employers”.

The data analytics is about collecting, transforming and organizing data to draw conclusions, make predictions and drive informed decision making. That is why more than 8 courses are offered with which you can obtain “skills in demand that will prepare you for an entry-level job”.

From the American company they assured that whoever does the course “You’ll learn from Google employees whose data analysis foundations served as launching pads for their own careers. With less than 10 hours a week, you can complete the certificate in less than 6 months “.

In that sense, applicants will be trained for jobs that include junior or associate data analyst, database administrator and more. In fact, once you have completed the certificate, you can apply for jobs directly with Google and over 130 US employers including Walmart, Best Buy, Astreya. Likewise, the certificate you will obtain is used to add it to your CV when looking for a job in Argentina.

For its part, the company reported that 82% of “Google Career Certificate” graduates report a positive career outcome such as a new job, promotion or raise within 6 months.

Google courses with free certification and fast job exit (illustrative image).

This program will include more than 180 hours of instruction and hundreds of practice-based assessments, which will help the student to simulate real-world data analysis scenarios that are critical to success in the workplace.

What will the courses be like?

The content offered by the course is highly interactive and was developed exclusively by Google employees with decades of experience in data analysis. Through a combination of videos, assessments, and hands-on labs, “You will learn the analysis tools and platforms and the key analytical skills required for an entry-level job”, Google expressed.

Some of the skills that the applicant will acquire will be: data cleansing, problem solving, critical thinking, data ethics, and data visualization, while the platforms and tools you’ll learn include presentations, spreadsheets, SQL, Tableau, and R programming.

In addition to expert training and hands-on projects, a case study will be completed that you can share with potential employers to showcase your new skill set. To sign up and learn more about these online courses offered by Google, you can enter this link.

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