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Hape murah meriah will now be used to photograph better about the new features of Android. – For a long time, Google developed the operating system specifically for mobile lower class.

As it is, in particular, everything is customizable, in order to stay easily when running on the phone cheap.

Of course, there are a lot of limitations compared to the Android operating system, now in version 11.

For the sake of improving the ability of image capture on devices with the Android operating system, Google released the camera app, latest.

Application called camera, is specially designed for mobile phone class entry-level, ie a device that has 1 GB of RAM or even less.

According to Lead Product Manager of Android (Go-edition), Arpit Midha, camera Go was launched as a response to the Android mobile phone users Go that want a camera app that is better.

“One of a user request when the first Android Go slide ‘we want a better camera,'” said Arpit in a video uploaded to the YouTube channel of Android.

Although friendly reminder, Arpit claim features embedded in the camera, don’t Go less with the camera app in General.

One of them is a feature of the “portrait”, in which the user take a photo with the blur effect (bokeh) around the perimeter of the object or the face ala the mobile phone of the present.

Interface (UI) to Go from the camera, is quite simple.

Thus, a user that will be switching recently to a smartphone for the first time able to operate the camera application without any problems.

Users of camera can also Go to the remaining capacity of the storage that you currently use to take photos monitor.

So, there are indicators that show how the number of remaining photos that can be recorded until the memory is full.

This indicator is located in the Central part of the upper when using the camera app.

Arpit said, the camera app will be available for the first time on your Android phone to Nokia 1.3’s.

This phone is supposedly going to be released in April with a price of around 102 US dollars (Rp1,6 million).

Summarized KompasTekno from the official Google blog, weeks (22/3/2020), Google promised to start the camera app save the memory in your Android, Go to phone others at some time in the future.

In spite of the presence of the camera Go own to add to the list an “effective” memory Go artificially from Google for the Android operating system.

In its portfolio, Google has already a number of applications that Go with the appendage “” how to Go to YouTube, files to Go, and the wizard Go, cards, Go, Google Go.

For Android, Go was first introduced at the end of the reported up to 2017.

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Android Go Android operating system, version of light, which can be used on devices with specifications that are minimal, since the RAM with 1 GB.

Android Go is an initiative from Google to expand the use of Android smartphones, especially in developing countries.

Because the requirements are minimal, the devices with the Android operating system-Go Edition for sale with a price tag that is cheaper.

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