Google Maps Expert Mode: 10 Advanced Tips and Unknown Features

Google Maps has become an important tool for most of us, whether it’s finding directions, monitoring traffic or searching for places of interest. However, most users are not aware of its many features and tricks.

The Computer Today website highlights ten helpful tips that will help you use it more effectively and get the most out of this powerful navigation tool.

1. Number of indications

If you think the volume of the map directions is too low or too high, you can always modify it. To do this, you simply return to the navigation settings and select one of the three available options: Low, Normal, and High.

2. Check traffic

If we want to know the traffic conditions before going anywhere, we use maps. To do this, we simply click on the “Layers” icon, which is located in the upper right of the screen, just below our profile photo. When we press the button we can select “Transportation” in the map details.

On the map, we will see a green line indicating no traffic jam, a yellow line indicating moderate traffic jam, and a red line indicating traffic jam.

3. Fixed North on the map

You may have noticed that some of them have lost their view to the north, meaning they don’t show us very well. To prevent this from happening we have to go to Settings and then Navigation Settings, the next step is to click on Keep Map North Up.

4. Create a list of favorite websites

we can create different A list of our favorite places on Google Maps, places we haven’t been yet or other places we have in mind. The point is, these lists will help us store information that may be relevant to us in the future, keeping it organized. We can manage the lists already created by the application by default or create new ones simply by going to the Saved tab.

5. The coordinates of any point on the map

If you click anywhere on the map, Google Maps will give you the precise coordinates of that specific location. To do this, you just need to press anywhere continuously until you see the red icon. To see the point’s coordinates and other data, you can simply open the drop-down menu at the bottom.

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6. Change the icon of our location

You already know that when we start a route, the indicator we have is a circle with another blue circle in the middle. This is something we can modify. While you’re on the route, click on the default symbol and you’ll see a drop-down menu at the bottom that allows you to select a vehicle icon. You will have multiple options to choose your favorite one.

7. View route radar

Before any travel we can Plan it on Google Maps One way to do this is to see where the radar we are trying to find is on our trip. It’s as simple as generating a route and seeing on a map the locations of the different radars we can find. This way we know where its location is that requires more attention, although Google Maps is known to tell us when we are close to the DGT radar.

8. Distance between two points

It indicates how to get from one place to another by route, whether on foot or by bike, when we are looking for a connection between two places. It is possible to use Google Maps to calculate the straight line distance between two places, but in this case it must be its computer version.

We right-click on the starting point and select the “Measure Distance” option in the pop-up menu. Now we turn to the second point. At that point, Google Maps will tell us the distance between the locations we selected on the map.

9. Driving mode

Since Android Auto is no longer available as a mobile app, Google has incorporated driving modes into Maps.

this Google Assistant driving mode automatically activated and can be seen in the bottom bar during the route.

10. Stealth mode

If we don’t want everything we do to be recorded, we have to use Google Maps incognito mode. To activate this mode we simply click on our profile photo and look for the “Activate incognito mode” menu.

Using these tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of Google Maps and improve your navigation and exploration experience. These features will let you get the most out of this popular mapping app, from adjusting directional volume to using incognito mode for added privacy. Don’t hesitate to apply these tips when using Google Maps!

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