Google Pixel 4a is Believed to be able to Launch the application Faster



MOUNTAIN VIEW – In the last few years, all smartphone Pixel comes with chip quite good in the time that it was launched. Thus, you are always ready for the competition with Flagship in the case of the other brands.

For example, Pixel 4, which came out last year with a Snapdragon-855. This is a processor from Qualcomm last and most powerful at this time. The latest information, the claims of the Pixel 5 is not to compete with the Flagship others, like its predecessor. However, there are reports that show that Google Pixel will be 4a be able to launch applications faster.

Google Pixel 4a is Believed to be able to Launch the application Faster

Page Giz China to start to download to mention one of the main advantages of this memory the memory that will allow to//install the app faster. New information that comes directly from the model, a prototype or pre-series, so that it can be drawn, the conclusion is true. In the last couple of days, a video has surfaced of the samphire, who can reveal more about the Pixel-4a new.

You, for the Pixel 4a of knowledge, the possibility of dimension 144,2 x 69.5 x free 8.2 mm. Mobile the design of the circle that is smaller than the iPhone 11, and its size is similar to the iPhone 8 -iPhone-lawas, the 4.7-inch has. In other words, the Pixel 4a, a single cell phone, which is similar to the shape of the iPhone 4.7 inches.

In terms of specifications, the Pixel 4a with screen solutions punch-hole. Ini is the first time Google’s use of the solution of this view.

The screen size of 5.7 or 5.8 inch with wear mobile platforms Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 or Snapdragon-765. For hardware, mobile armed and at least 4 GB of RAM + 64 GB of storage the original.

While in the photography talk, on the body behind him, the camera is placed 12 MP sensor and 8-MP in the front. Smartphone this is supported battery’s 3,080 mAh battery and runs on Android 10. Other functions, there is a fingerprint sensor on the back, Headphone Jack, USB interface-C, Wireless 5, Bluetooth 5.0, and 4G LTE.