Google-Pixel-4a leaked on the Internet, This review and specifications!

343 – Cheap Smartphone Google’s flagship, namely the Pixel-3a, it seems that will soon find a successor. The Smartphone is with the name of the Pixel 4a of this appeared on the internet in the form of leaks.

9to5Google reported that discover a video of TecnoLike, a low-resolution video shows a prototype version of the last of the Pixel 4a.

It seems that the Pixel 4a, the housing with plastic doff, as well as the presence of a fingerprint scanner in the conventional way in the rear.

The Smartphone brings the design of the screen hole in the upper left, as well as the bezel is too thin.

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About the specifications, we will, the landscape screen is 5.81 inch-FHD-screen with an image repetition frequency of 60 Hz, a Snapdragon processor 730 6GB of RAM, and a memory coupled space of 64 GB and the battery’s 3,080 mAh.

About the camera the Pixel 4a to rely only on a fruit-sensor to correspond to a camera with 12MP, but with the ability to belong to the Pixel 4 Regular.

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