Google Play Disable-search results-Android-app-Corona Virus


Google Play Disable-search results-Android-app-Corona Virus

BANGKAPOS.COM – To activate in January, Google search to deliver the warning SOS to all the questions about the corona virus, the information that can be trusted.

Google Play seems to have now, disable the search-app-Android “coronavirus”.

Search for “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” on the Play Store app or tonight, the message “no results found comes again” for Android apps and games. Similar terms – such as the additional “tracking” or “map” – also do not work. Movies, TV shows, and book search are functioning normally.

Other terms, such as “COVID19” (without a hyphen), the successful results, for the app Center for Disease Control and Prevention officially . Meanwhile, the search of the expression, the proposed bar is displayed, that, in connection with a coronavirus.

According to a reader that all of the keywords coronavirus work today. There are a number of ways, including error or action to prevent abuse in response to the high traffic.

Google may want to reduce the application of game-SEO for search traffic, and ensure there is no incorrect information. The requirements are still work, shows you some of the special applications, the hundreds to tens of thousands of downloads, which offers news about the coronavirus, while some of the games messed up.

Another possibility is that Google wants to collect Play manually the search results coronavirus, in order to ensure that the Android app the leading, such as the CDC application, are displayed first. We have contacted Google for an explanation.

In the meantime, the company will make today earlier, meeting points, Meet premium, free of charge to the customer, G-Suite to help the working people and the students learn from home due to the closure. Google is also the component of the direct I / O to be aborted by 2020 due to the coronavirus.