Google Prepare The Test Program Corona-Virus The Campaign, Do The Five


To facilitate Google innovation, the user-associated Corona virus is spreading in some countries. But these innovations only for US citizens. – Addressing the COVID-19, the in a number of countries from Google as a technology company, introduces a new innovation, Thursday (15/3).

They are preparing a new website that contains COVID-19 of the bearing, its prevention, and local resources.

In addition Google is working with the government of the United States in the creation of a website that contains official information from the World Health organization (WHO) and the Centers of Disease Control (CDC).

Google also gives information, tips and tools for individuals, teachers, and entrepreneurs.

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There are some other plans, which is a subsidiary of the alphabet, to create Truly a site for citizens of the United States who want to test, COVID-19.

However, not all citizens of the United States which can test that on the website, there are several requirements that must be followed.

The most important prerequisite is that you must is 18 years old and I live in the heart of California’s Bay area.

The first step for users who want to test, have to fill, and the questions of the survey, which showed that such users will need to test.

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