Google Removed From The Play Store, AnTuTu Gives Me The Answers


After a few days of this splashy for the abolition of the entire application AnTuTU benchmark from PlayStore. As AnTuTu 3D Benchmark, AnTuTu Benchmark, and AITUTU Benchmark. Now you give the answers about why this happened.

Reporting from Gizchina, on Monday (9/3/2020), Here are the answers to complete, and your answers to the open questions of Amelia liu, Global General Manager of AnTuTu.

Our team an E-Mail notification from Google got has the 7. In March, the us to know that Antutu is one of the developers, the links with Cheetah Mobile, all the apps Antutu distance from the Play Store. But in fact, we think there are some misunderstandings about him. Antutu NOT with Cheetah Mobile !!

Antutu was founded in 2011, even before the Cheetah Mobile, and is one of the Google Play developer most early. Cheetah Mobile to invest in the USA around the year 2014 and become one of our shareholders since that time.

But we still keep a lot of stock accounts and the Independent operation of the business as well as the Google Play account of our own, independent. Cheetah Mobile never touches your Google Play account, and AnTuTu does not perform the promotion of software Cheetah Mobile.

We believe that the reason for the incorrect evaluation of Google is because we buy and use legal services from Cheetah Mobile, so the link to our privacy policy, please use the address This is what we work, including the replacement of the supplier is legal.

We hope that Google will solve your account Antutu carefully and finally this misunderstanding as quickly as possible.

With the answers, then we can conclude that if AnTuTu is no connection, what with the Ceetah Mobile all the application is now removed from the Google Play Store. Application-the application that you removed, on the basis of a violation of privacy repeatedly.

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