Google To Delete The Title Of The Developer Conference I/O In 2020, Online



MOUNTAIN VIEW – A few weeks ago, Google decided to move the conference to cancel the developer’s annual I/O what is to be made in California, USA, in the month of may. This fears about the spread of the Corona virus unleashed.

The event, for the “physical”, it is planned to be replaced with activities online. But now it seems to not happen. The company has announced that version online Google I/O 2020 deleted also.

Google I/O in 2020 there at this time. The technology giant origin Mountain View, it remains committed to the release of the Android updates by running blog the developers and the community forum.

In the two weeks that passed since the repeal of the beginning of the epidemic COVID-19 is transformed to a global pandemic. We see the steps that were never met by the government in the face of a disaster, to impose, namely, social distance.

This is the reason why Google has decided to terminate the I/O completely. Of course, worry about the health of the employees and the local community is the other part.