Government bans birdsong in Ebro Delta due to bird flu

The “consortium” took this measure to avoid risks. In September, decisions made will be reassessed and agreements will be reviewed. Raul Amyresponsible for ringing the bell Institute of Ornithology of Cataloniasaying that this is unprecedented in the Delta: “They canceled the event in Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, but never in the Ebro Delta. For us, in the wilder triangle canal Because we do this every year, it helps us collect scientific data on bird populations.”

“Because there are many ignorance of the issuethese apply limit as carefully as possible. I think over time we’ll learn to manage other places Europe, they keep ringing Despite bird flu, according to recommendations veterinary and application certain agreements safe,” said God.

The news from the “conselleria” confirms that Catalonia is free of serious problems caused by bird flu

In an ICO, they worry about Delta Bird Watching Festival, an ornithological event held every September in the Ebro Delta, which includes several ringing sessions. In the latest report from the rural dead bird collection agency obtained by EL PERIÓDICO, only two positive cases were detected: one in Franqueses del Vallès and the other in Cubelles.These figures confirm that flight cancellations in the Delta region were due only to preventionsince many banded species are susceptible to bird flu.

The worst epidemics of this virus (H5N1) to date are hitting seabirds. Bird flu has killed thousands in North America, but cases are spreading southward into areas that would normally go undetected.

destructive effect

European black-headed gulls and kittiwakes, two species common in the delta, are the most susceptible to the virus. 75% of Atlantic gannet habitat was affected, 11,000 black-headed gulls died in Scotland and 10,000 black-headed gulls died in the UK (4% of the population.

In Spain, according to SEO Birdlife, they have been observed more than one hundred cases Among protected wild birds such as little tern and Black Mouth Pagasa. Some specimens of both species have died from the disease in the Albufera de Valencia Natural Park, a wetland relatively close to the Ebro Delta lagoon.

A specimen of the Sandwich Tern or Black-billed Pagasa has died in Albufeira, Valencia

Bird SEO warns that these figures may be grossly underestimated The Difficulty of Recovering Animal Carcasses And because not all colonies have long-term population estimates that allow year-to-year comparisons.They also offer a suggestion: “If you find a dead bird Or sick, don’t touch it. dial 112 Or go to the corresponding provincial animal recovery center”.

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