Government of Yucatan will be fines and jail to those who do not comply with aislamento by covid-19


With the increase of the positive cases for coronavirus covid-19 in mexican territory, some local governments have decided to begin to implement their own measures to prevent further spread of the virus. Such is the case of Yucatan, as Mauricio Vila, governor of such entity, unveiled through their social networks who do not comply with the request of to stay at home, you can take over a harsh penalty.

In principle the message is addressed to people who have symptoms or who have been diagnosed as positive cases. However, it is also a strong call for the society in general in the Yucatan in order to avoid greater risks.

The penalties range from three years in prison, in addition to a financial penalty for up to 86,500 pesos. This being so, the first state of the Mexican Republic to announce such measures mandatory.

Until such time, the request of the isolation has been voluntary, a situation that the government seek to maintain so as to respect the human rights of each citizen, so, as has been made known to the relevant authorities during the press conference.

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