Gran Turismo Sport: More Than 8 Million Players for the PS4 Racing Game


On the occasion of the recent GT Sport World Tour held in Australia, in the city of Sydney, interesting statistical data were released on the success achieved by Gran Turismo Sport.

The latter was presented by Kazunori Yamauchi himself, creator of the historic racing game series. During the appointment, the videogame author announced that GT Sport has now reached 8.2 million users! Debuted on the market in October 2017, the Polyphony Digital title, therefore, seems to have managed to gather around itself a community of enthusiasts, which over time has given birth to well 303 million hours played, with over 830 million races ran!

Gran Turismo Sport, the only IP representative on PlayStation 4, currently ranks sixth in the sales ranking for all chapters of the series. Polyphony Digital has guaranteed long post-launch support for the game: in December 2019, for example, the development team introduced the Laguna Seca circuit in Gran Turismo Sport.

To date, the software house has not offered any clues about its future projects. Some rumors indicate that the presence of a Gran Turismo 7 among the PS5 launch games is possible, but at present, there is no official confirmation of this.