Grand Prix of Mexico would be delayed by COVID-19


The Formula One you have referred to start the season in June, with the Grand Prix of Canada, after postponing six and cancel two Great Prizes.

In case of return, Liberty Media, owner of the pinnacle of motorsport, has two options: defer the agenda or to dispute some races between the summer and December.

The first would force the GP Mexico City to modify the calendar, a situation that hurts, because in the past five years he has managed the end-of-week “bridge” for the Day of the Dead.

The race organizers are waiting to know the decision of the F1though trust that you will keep the event for the last weekend of October and the first Sunday of November.

Australia and Monaco were cancelled by their sponsors. Bahrain, Vietnam, China, the Netherlands, Spain and Azerbaijan are, for now, postponed.

Liberty Media has already confirmed that the teams will not have the summer recess, so that three weeks are free to organize the small asian tour.

The complication comes after, because there is no space for the other three restarĂ­an, considering that drivers and teams need a break between events, for the physical.

That is why there is the possibility of delay in the calendar. The weather conditions in December would not take place the races in Europe, while in Texas, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Abu Dhabiyes.



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