Graph of the coronavirus in Mexico: infections break record in a single day with 396 new cases


The sanitary authorities of Mexico reported that are already 3,181 cases confirmed by COVID-19 in the national territory, and 174 fatalities due to this condition. However, consider could have eight more times this amount, that is to say 26,519 infected not identified in the country.

The official figures with 3,181 positive registered, the increase in 24 hours was of 396 new cases, a new record.

Mexico City registers the highest number of infections with 855 infected, 132 new in 24 hours, also of mortality with 39 dead. Baja California it was now who took second place in the infection in a day with 89 new, 225 general, and also follows the CDMX in fatality with 15 deaths.

Sinaloa occupying the next rung down 13 deadalthough the number of infections is 125, while the State of Mexico takes 11 dead and 355 infected. Quintana Roo ranked fifth in mortality with 10 deaths although it has 143 positive, while Puebla remains with nine killed and 183 were infected.

For the first time, in addition, since the epidemic began, the Secretariat of Health (SSa) provided an estimate of total cases: would be 26,519 across the country, that is to say, eight times more than those who are confirmed. The calculation is performed through the so-called “sentinel surveillance” which is also used during the crisis of H1N1 influenza.

“It is a scientifically proven method, of monitoring efficient. The system has been perfected to recognize how it behaves the epidemic of coronavirus in the country”, noted the deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, that the compared to do a survey.

58% of the patients confirmed by coronaviruses are male and 42% female. In addition, the sector of the population greater than 65 years of age already exceeds 400 cases until todayalthough the cases are distributed similarly between everyone over the age of 18 years.

The suspected cases are already 9,188. For its part, the negative cases are already 17,209. Therefore, 29,578 have been the grand total of people studied.

The Mexico city remains in the red zone of the country, as they overcame this Wednesday the 800 cases and has already accumulated 855 positive, as well as a balance of 39 deaths from coronavirus. Among the positive, we follow the State of Mexico, with more than 300 cases, and Baja California, which exceeded today the 200 cases.

Baja California became, for his part in the second state of the Republic with major deaths, just behind the capital, with 15 deaths. Sinaloa accumulates 13 deaths and the State of Mexico accumulates 11.

Of the positive COVID-19, 71% of the cases are ambulatory, and 29% have required hospitalization. Of these last, the 9.78%, that is to say, 311 people, are stable. The 15.78%, that are the 502 patients, are severe and 111 of the total, i.e. 3.49%, have required intubation.

Among the fatalities for the suffering, 74% were men and 26% were women. In this section, the vast majority of deaths accumulates between the age of 65 yearsapproximately 60 of patients who lost their lives were located in this range.

Of the confirmed deaths, the 43.68% had hypertension; the 40.23% had diabetes; the 37.36% had obesity; smoking was also present at 12.07% of the dead. In addition, the 8.62% suffered from chronic renal failure and the 8.05% suffered from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary Disease).

Finally, the 5.75% had a cardiovascular diseasethe 5.17% presented immunosuppression and 1.72% suffered from asthma.

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