Graph of the growth of coronavirus in Mexico: with 131 new cases, the trend of infection continues to be unstoppable to the upside


Mexico reached the 848 cases of people infected by Covid-19, while the number of fatal victims reached 18there are 2,623 patients suspected and 4,341 cases were negative.

By entities, Mexico City is the one that presents the largest number of cases of deceased persons with seven; Jalisco, three; San Luis Potosí, two; Durango; Hidalgo a; Michoacán a, Quintana Roo and Querétaro one. These last two entities released their cases for the last few hours, through the social network Twitter, so they still do not appear in the count of the official numbers.

There are currently 27 states of the Mexican Republic with at least a positive case of coronavirus, 4 with more than 50 and only one with more than 101 cases.

With respect to the increase in the number of confirmed cases, representing 131 more than the previous day, when there were 717 and an increase of 182 %.

Of the total of 848 people infected with hiv, the 57 % are male and 43% are female, while the average age is 41 years. 88% were ambulatory patients, while 12% have had to be hospitalized.

Of these, 67% are stable, 28% have the quality of bass and the 5% are tube.

67% of hospital patients are in institutions of the Secretariat of Health (SSA), 22% in private hospitals, 6% in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), 2% in the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) and 3% in other institutions are not detailed by the federal government.

The status presented patient is the 67% are stable, 28% are fatal, while 5% are intubated.

According to the ministry of Health, up to the moment, 552 cases of people living with Covid-19 have been imported (65%), while 213 are listed as associated to imports (25%). In both 83 (10%) does not present background information, so that it is regarded as contagions in the community.

During the conference held Saturday evening march 28 by the Secretariat of Health, the director general of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía said the young people of productive age are the most affected group, that is to say, with more confirmed cases, while the majority of the deaths have been presented in older adults.

With respect to the number of deaths announced last night (16), José Luis Alomía, revealed that 87% have been men and 13% womenof which, the average age is 57 years.

He explained that the 50% of the people who had obesity and hypertension, 43.75% had diabetes, 18.75% had COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), the 6.25% smoking and the 6.25 chronic kidney disease).

Mexico has its “last chance” to control the epidemic: López-Gatell

Against this background, the deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell said that Mexico has its “last chance” to control the virus and avoid a catastrophic situation such as that faced by european countries and the united States because it has reached a point at which the transition ceases to be slow to be “extremely fast”.

“Today we have exceeded. We are already in a period of accelerated exponential in the number of daily cases. Day by day we see how, from the second week of march, there is a rapid growth in the number of cases per day,”, explained the official.

He noted that it is not possible to avoid a pandemic, but yes, you can slow the advance of the Covid-19 before that is saturated with hospitals and no longer being able to attend to the patients.

“It is already stipulated. Will not prevent to continue to grow the cases and there will be deaths. Is to slow the transmission of infections”, he reiterated.

López-Gatell called emphatic and desperate to the mexican population to stay at home for a month.

“It is intended that the hospitals have enough beds to treat the patients with coronavirus,” he said.

Admit that healthy distance has not been applied with the necessary rigour, Lopez-Gatell said that the federal Government will announce specific actions within the next few days, but ruled out for now drastic measures taken by other countries, such as border closings and curfews forced.

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