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Great advice! Camila Cabello tells one of her learnings after the pandemic

USA. – Camila Cabello shared a tip with all of his Instagram followers. The singer commented that one of the things she learned during her quarantine was the importance of resting. She confessed that before having to take time out because of the pandemic, she did not give importance to her free time.

Camila Cabello She confessed that she felt guilty on the days she had off as she thought she was not being productive. This used to lead her to such a state that she even thought that she could not continue to be a singer. The pressure that young people often have to be productive in today’s world can generate high levels of stress. This could lead to loss of interest in what is being done.

That is why it is so important to have at least one day off a week to be able to do other things that are not related to work. Camila herself noticed that after spending a few days without having anything to do, she began to give importance to everyday things, enjoying them more. After resting for a few days, she was also able to realize that she was feeling motivated with her work again..

Instagram: Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello now she admits not feeling guilty when she wants to have a few days to herself and not have any kind of responsibility. Good things come out of that as your mind can rest from all the pressure of your career. For the artist it is important to share her experience with her audience as she is aware of the high levels of stress among young people.

He ended his message by inviting people to remember that we are only animals and that overwork can be very dangerous. Now that the activities are taking their normal rhythm little by little, he wanted to make it clear that there are things learned in the pandemic that we must continue to maintain. It is important to realize that our lives can change at any time and it is good to appreciate the little things.

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