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No one puts Heidi Klum in a corner by paraphrasing the famous line Dirty Dancing. A gorgeous 50-year-old man definitely doesn’t need any Patrick Swayze. Shine your light at any event.

He convincingly demonstrated this Cannes 2023, showing off an iron belly, an intriguing slit and bold cut to showcase the underbook, and it was no less in Paris, during Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter 2023/24. Just a divine and healthy bearer of a great message: age is a number that our mind must know how to ignore.

Eyes only for Heidi Klum

Personality in abundance, exciting outfits unusually combined with the wearer’s age, and excessive charm. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by Heidi Klum when she enters a room, steps on the red carpet or walks down the catwalk.

This also happened in Paris, where the beautiful model appeared with suit hybrid. Half dress, half bathing suit. Mixed colors blue and blackdone with great lightness and elegance.

As already mentioned, age is a number and her 50 doesn’t seem to bother her minimum. This explains the choice of a dress with a belly cutout in plain sight. Half of her black evening dress had slipped to the floor. On the other side of his body, the left, blue soul, well carved in the right places, was tied with braid and a thong at the waist.

To this we add a pleated skirt and bikini bottoms to create a very high slit for photographers to enjoy. As already mentioned, part of the dress fell to the floor, which meant that only one leg was clearly visible. This set is in black strappy sandals. Not the only accessory of note, given the beautiful sapphire stone necklace.

Diet and workout Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum wears her 50s perfectly, so much so that she wonders how she works out and what she eats to be able to be that way at her age. Money, daily peace of mind are certainly key ingredients, as is access to very expensive skin care products.

However, if you want to emulate his lifestyle at least at the table and in the gym, here’s what you need to do. The life of Heidi Klum is very demanding, beyond what one might think. She certainly does what she loves the most and has the opportunity to have fun and travel a lot, but at the same time she is a mother and an entrepreneur. His engagements during the year are very numerous, for several decades now. Therefore, the question arises when you find time for training.

Speaking about the diet, she admitted that she was one of the many VIPs who fell under the diet’s spell. fast intermittent. So she stays slim and fit. This consists of alternating 16 hours of fasting with 8 hours during which you can consume all the meals planned for the day.

The idea is to work on the production of the hormone insulin. However, this is not something that needs to be tested at an amateur level, and it would always be wise to turn to specialists in order to also take into account the state of one’s health and any pathologies.

David Kirsch has followed him in the past., famous personal trainer from New York. He helped her get back in shape after her pregnancies. A sculpted physique and then commitment took over. Today, he can no longer alternate his personal life, work and training, as he did then. That’s why he trains when he can, she discovered. passion for swimming during the pandemic, which helps her a lot, she loves to run and, as she recently stated, doing it after the children is perhaps the most difficult and fun workout for her.

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