Great scare! Ariel Winter to be cut off a finger and also the button by mistake


Ariel Winter, he spent a great fright when he was in the house of her boyfriend slicing a few vegetables and inadvertently cut off the thumb of the left hand. Immediately taken to the hospital to be attended to emergency. Before leaving the health centre, his partner took part of the finger that she seccionó with the hope that they could sew.

Winter, who played the character of Alex Dunphy, told in interview to the program “Access Hollywood” that it was alarmed by the amount of blood shed to hurt themselves, between the nerves threw the bag where it was the other part of his finger that he had given one of the nurses to do the intervention. What is certain is that they had to dig through the trash to retrieve it. Miraculously it was only a scare and successfully managed to do the reimplantation.

The artist is also known for recording the voice of the children’s animation “Princess Sofia”, with grace, the story and confesses that despite the mishap, then that is better will continue trying their luck in the kitchen, considering that he likes to invent new dishes for her and her boyfriend, who is your companion in these days of quarantine, and insurance will be who take care of the rest.

Ariel Winter it started from an early age in the action and then the end of the last season of the series that brought her to fame has suffered from accusations by the alleged plastic surgeries that has been carried out in his face. After 10 years playing the same character she was in the obligation of not being able to change your look, and at the end of the comedy, he decided to change the color of the hair in a radical way, and his new look gives the appearance of less innocence.

In their social networks published a few photos that are part of “Teen Vogue”, and you will feel very comfortable with your new hair color, also wrote, “a small baby with the face of a adult”. Certainly the actress of the famous series where he shared the scene with Sofia Vergara, put aside the image a teenager to become a woman.